The mural unveiling was a huge success - over 40 people attended! Thank you to everyone who made it out and to everyone who supported me during the project! And a big thanks to the City Park Community Association for making the project possible! If you have any questions, comments, or 
future projects you would like to talk to me about, 
I can be reached at
City Park Community Association Logo painted- check. Wall washed and anti-graffiti solution applied - check. Scaffolding dismantled - check. Ready for the unveiling! Please join us this Sunday. At 12:00pm I will be giving at artist talk at the mural site. A scavenger hunt of the architectural reference points to follow. The unveiling will end up at City Perks with free coffee! 

Not much left to complete on the mural - I will be adding two City Park Community Association logos this week (if all goes well!) and applying the anti-graffiti coating on the mural next week.
The mural unveiling will be on 
Sunday, September 29th from 12 -3 pm, as part of Cultural Days

It will begin with an artist talk at the mural site, then follow with a self -guided "scavenger hunt" around the City Park neighbourhood to have a look at the architecture which inspired the mural. Finally it will end at City Perks with coffee and the opportunity to enter your name into a gift certificate prize draw. My work will also be on ex
There will also be a free origami workshop held at City Perks in conjunction with Cultural Days at the same time!

I am having such a good time painting. I love meeting people who stop and talk. Every few minutes someone shouts encouragement out their window or slows down to let me know how much they like the mural. It is so encouraging! I am getting close to having all the surface covered but I will be doing touch-ups and re-fining the colors o

Surprisingly the pigeon smell isn't as bad on the West wall. On the East wall when I worked in the centre the smell would get stuck in my nose. I could smell it when I came home at night. On this side I don't really smell them but they are busy building nests so they are gathering sticks and sometimes the sticks fall out of their mouths and onto my head. I laugh when that happens. I am really happy with how speedy this wall is going. I think I am really in the grove now. The some folks have come by that live on the street, one fella that lives in the blue house came by and brought me a popsicle. Thank you! 

Felt good to get some color on the West side. Thanks to the Big Stretch caulking I didn't have to wait long to cover the cracks! Lots of great comments from people passing by!

Street closure and overheading- couldn't have gone smoother!


West wall


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The West wall is nearly ready for paint! We will continue to pick away at the East wall and make small adjustments while starting work on the West wall. 

This lovely and talented lady - Lisa Landrie - stopped by the mural when it was just in it's infancy and took some great photos. You can find the photos on her blog -
Had a nice chat with the folks from CTV today. They came by after they read the article in the StarPhoenix. The interview was aired at 12pm and 6pm and will be on the morning show tomorrow morning. Thanks for the press!